Car Dry Cleaning

Looking For Car Dry Cleaning Services? We Are Happy To Serve You!

We at Vishwakarma Automobiles believe to provide eminent services to our customers. The latest equipment and professional techniques clean your car with absolute care. The quality of service does not let you take other rounds of service.

How Do We Dry Clean Your Car?

Here at Vishwakarma Automobiles, with doorstep pickup and delivery, get your car dry cleaned completely at affordable rates. Our team of experts works with utmost efforts to provide you on-time and the best service. Here is a glance at how do we dry clean cars:-

1. Internal Vacuum

While traveling, your internal parts of the car might have got a bit dirty. To get rid of that dirt and dust, proper cleaning is required. So, with the aid of suitable vacuum cleaners, we clean every corner of your car with complete precision.

2. Seats Cleaning

The most difficult section to clean is the seats as they might look clean but sometimes stinks. We at Vishwakarma Automobiles vacuum the seats accordingly to make your setas look new. Unlike other cleaners, our experts gently clean the setas without compromising the quality of seats.

3. Mat Rinsing

The base of the car is the most vital part and gets dirty easily. At Vishwakarma Automobiles, we take out the mats carefully and clean them in suitable solutions. This makes them clean and looks good.

4. Glass Panes Polishing

All the windows and glass panes are cleaned in this section of dry cleaning. We use quality cleaning products to make your glasses shine. Any scratches and damages are also being removed in this process to return you the freshly bought car.

Our Forte

Apart from the regular services, the additional services we provide have helped in reaching these heights of success. The support of the happy customer family has always been encouraging for us to serve better. After joining this family, you will be subjected to the following benefits:

  • 24*7 customer support
  • We value the time and needs of our customers. So, our team of experts supervising the online portal is available 24*7. You can contact them anytime to schedule your booking.

  • On-time service
  • Our prime goal is to serve people better. By keeping in mind this goal, we always guarantee you to deliver the best services in the prescribed time.

  • Attractive discount options
  • Vishwakarma Automobiles are significantly famous for its affordable pricing and discounts. Our reasonable rates of services will never let you worry about the budget. This is because we have decided the prices by taking care of the budgets of our customers.

  • Doorstep delivery
  • At Vishwakarma Automobiles, while thinking about any of the car-related services, you need not worry about finding our center in the city. Because we like to serve our customers within their comfort zone. To satisfy this, we encourage the doorstep pickup and delivery of the car from your home directly.

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