Car Cleaning

Car Cleaning At Vishwakarma Automobiles

For a long-lasting life of your car, you should take care of your car regularly. One of those caring measures involves its regular cleaning to facilitate smooth operation. We at Vishwakarma Automobiles promise you to enhance the productivity of your car by cleaning it efficiently. Our team of experts uses the latest equipment to get the job as soon as possible.

Steps Of Car Cleaning

Our team of experts works with utmost efforts to provide you on-time and the best service. Here is a glance at how do we dry clean cars:-

1. Tire Cleaning

Cars are generally subjected to lots of mud and dirt due to the changing seasons and quality of roads. This results in the deposition of dirt on tires of the car. Our team of experts usesthe latest jet sprays to rinse out all the mud and dirt of car tires in just a few minutes. This step is then followed by the checking of tires also to provide you a quality check of tires.

2. Mat Washing

The most difficult portion of the car to wash on your own are the mats placed inside the car over the base. Mats are delicate and thus cannot be washed like clothes regularly. This affects their quality. Therefore, to preserve the quality of mats, we use quality products for the washing of mats. These products clean the mats and do not harm the quality of the material.

3. External Rinsing

The polluted and high winds may cause your car to look dusty and dirty. Our team of experts does instant cleaning and return the original look to your car. The washing is done in such a way that no delicate and extra part is subjected to moisture to prevent any damage.

4. Car Polishing

Car polishing is the step that enhances the look of your car. With time every car has risks of getting scratches and dent, we have quality products that can remove these marks from your car. The durability of this polishing is long enough to not let you worry about the marks anymore.

5. Window Cleansing

Window cleaning involves washing and polishing of glass panes and windows. We at Vishwakarma Automobiles use effective products fro glass cleaning that not only clears the glass but also prevents the glasses from any further dirt and dust fro a significant period.

What Makes Us Special?

The reason to choose us over others lies in the quality of services we provide. In addition to the regular services, we ensure the complete comfort of our customers. The dream of providing excellent car maintenance services to people has led us to achieve a large range of customers. The most common reason that we have heard from our customers is the doorstep facility. According to them, this has led them to enjoy the ease of getting their car serviced without worrying about the delivery and pickup of the car.